Where have the gorillas gone?

DSCN3215Regular visitors to the Town park Chelsea Gardens might have noticed that our two very colourful gorillas have disappeared. The red and green gorillas were a great attraction over the summer period and into the autumn last year. But with the onset of winter they have returned home for a little tender loving care. Home is of course the British Ironwork Centre on the A5 just outside Oswestry. It’s a truly magical place and a really great day out for all the family. The grounds are populated with an amazing variety of metal animals – elephants, rhinos, hippos, mo_DSC0063nkeys, horses, gorillas, buffalo – all life-sized and amazingly life-like. And the extensive displays inside the buildings provide more amazing sculptures and other items, many of which are available for purchase for your garden or as a truly unique gift for someone special.

The pictures here will give you a flavour of what the centre has to offer but you can get full details, including events and activities such as Falconry displays on their own web site . The centre is both child and dog-friendly and is open from 9 am to 530 pm during the week (to 5 pm on Friday) and from 10am to 4 pm on Sundays
The Friends have made a number of visits in the course of arranging the loan of the gorillas and we’ve be greatly impressed by what the centre has to offer by way of interest and by the friendliness of the staff. And amazingly it’s all free – free entry and free car parking.

We expect to have the gorillas back in the park in the Spring but in the meantime if you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids on the weekend do take a trip to the British Ironworks Centre.