Stirchley chimney site now open to the public

The area around the Stirchley chimney is now open to the public on a daily basis following the formal opening on 21st August. The Chimney is one of the principal reminders of the industry which once occupied the Town Park. 62 metres in height the chimney was built in 1873 on the site of an existing blast furnace. Over the past year the site has been the subject of substantial renovation work funded by the Parks for People  lottery grant. The gates to the area are opened at 10.30 AM each day and closed again at around 4.30 PM. For the first time in many years we can now get a close up view of both the chimney itself and the remaining blast furnaces on the site. Visitors can also see the ongoing excavation work being undertaken under the leadership of Paul Belford of Nexus Heritage. Further information about these excavations can be found at Interpretation boards with detailed information about the history of the site will be installed over the next few months.