The Friends of Telford Town Park

The Friends of Telford Town Park were started in 2003 with a small group of 3 people, who all felt that the Park needed some extra care and attention. The group was formally constituted in July 2004 and currently consists of over 20 members from all walks of life.

The constitution of the Friends states:

“The aims of the Friends are to promote and conserve
The sustainable use of the Park
The biodiversity of the Park
The existing boundaries of the Park
The built structures of the Park
And protect it from inappropriate use or development”

In keeping with the above constitution, the Friend’s have been and will be, involved in many different activities around the 150 hectares (approximately 400 acres) that is Telford Town Park. It has to be one of the largest urban town parks in Europe and is a fantastic asset for the people of Telford and beyond. It is commonly known as the “The Jewel in the Crown of Telford”.

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The Spring edition of the newsletter has all the latest news of the Town Park and of the Friends. And the 2016/17 Chairman's report looks back over the events and activities of a very successful year year. Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 07.25.44

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Telford Town Park stars in a new video

Our award winning Town Park is the focus of a new video produced by Fields in Trust, the organisation which guarantees the protection of the Arena area of the park.

Friends build Bug Hotel in Chelsea Gardens

IMG_0887Thanks to a grant from the Peoples Postcode lottery, the Friends have completed a large3f6cea7f4eed2f94cf0dead2f17df9e5e62335a0 bug hotel within the grounds of the Chelsea Gardens. The structure will be of immense benefit to the flora in the Sensory Garden and provide food
and shelter for a vast variety of bugs and insects, including Ladybirds, solitary Bees, Spiders, harmless Wood wasps, woodlice, moths and many more.
Approximately 2 metres high and 2 metres across the "hotel" is made of timber and infilled with a variety of decayIMG_0973ing wood, leaves, broken pottery and other natural detritus that small
creatures like to live in and around. There is an interesting interpretation board that  small groups of supervised children can interact with to see what they can find out about the wildlife that the hotel and the surrounding stumpery will generate.


..Friends Present Cheque to Midlands Air Ambulance

Members of the Friends of Telford Town Park visited the Cosford base of the Midlands Air Ambulance on 8th February to present a cheque for the funds raised through the Christmas Fancy Dress Fun Run held in the Park on 4th December last year. With the welcome addition of the Gift Aid from the Exchequer, the total raised amounted to £3500 and the Friends would like to thank all those who contributed to this superb result - the runners, their friends and families, Telford Park Run and our commercial sponsors - particularly the Cycle Centre in the Town Park. 





The Giraffes have arrived

Last year we had the Gorillas; this year it's the Giraffes. These two colourful characters are spending the summer with us in the Town park and as last year we are indebted to  the British ironworks Centre for the loan of these amazing sculptures. You can visit the Giraffes in the Maxell Gardens and if you want to see a whole menagerie of animals and other amazing creations we thoroughly recommend a visit to the Ironworks Centre - a magical place which is  perfect for a day out with the family. And it's all free. Click here to learn more.


Spring has Sprung

Gardens spring 2017-11Despite the odd cold wind, the weather is definitely getting warmer and Spring is finally with us. The formal gardens in the Town Park are looking bright and colourful - thanks in part to the regular gardening efforts of the Friends in the Chelsea Gardens. The gardens are well worth a visit at this time of the year but in the meantime you can see more pictures HERE. And if you would like to join the Friends at one of the regular twice-weekly gardening sessions (Wednesday and Saturday mornings) just call Chris Pettman on  Telford 270868 or email cpettman@blueyonder.co.uk

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 18.24.42Click HERE for more information

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Join the Friends

Telford Town park, now officially recognised as the UK’s best park, is an amazing asset for our community. The Friends play a vital part in protecting and improving that asset and we welcome applications for membership from those who wish to support the aims  and activities of the group,.....Read More»

Anyone for Gardening

The Friends of Telford Town Park have been running Wednesday gardening sessions in the Town Park Chelsea Gardens for several years and were instrumental in the design and construction of the new sensory garden. And now,..... Read More »